Del’s Cleaning Service, Inc. is committed to providing clients with top quality cleaning. Integrity, reliability and quality service are standards by which we operate. Clients can be assured that Del’s Cleaning Service, Inc. will do the job well. Our clients’ satisfaction and safety are our top priorities on all levels—for our clients, for their employees, and for their facility. There is always a quick response and resolution to any inquiry.

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“If you want it cleaned well, call Del.”

This has been our company motto for over 19 years. During this time, we have developed strong relationships with our customers who have come to rely on the quality of service Del’s Cleaning provides.

We are committed to providing superior cleaning services.

“I am writing to express our gratitude to you and your firm for the cleaning services provided this past year. We have been very pleased with the thoroughness of the cleaning, and with your employees. They have all been very reliable, courteous and friendly, and done an excellent job in maintaining our offices!

“Recently, we had our carpets cleaned by a well-known firm and were asked by them who we contracted our cleaning services with. They commented that they had never seen carpets maintained so well in an industrial office.

“My thanks to you, Del, and to your firm for an outstanding job. We look forward to an on-going business relationship with Del's Cleaning Service.”

We are dedicated to preserving the security of your building and of your employees.

“On behalf of [our] management and staff, we extend our congratulations on your assistance on the incident that occurred on January 1, 2002. Your willingness to report your observation of the contract security guard attempting to break into the freezer in our cafeteria is most admirable and highly commmendable. At potential personal risk to yourself, you reported the incident to management immediately so that proper action could be taken. Your desire to protect the plant and its property speaks highly of your dedication to our company and its employees. Your willingness to relate the incident to the city police upon their response to the plant was critical to the dismissal of this guard from our facility. Please accept our sincere thanks on a job well done.”

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